Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Mr. Dinn

Author: Stacy Hibbs
Teacher's name: Mr. Dinn
Teacher's school: Holy Trinity Regional High

Mr. Dinn only taught me Novel Cinema in the twelfth grade. He was a very loving, kind hearted and respected teacher. He not only taught me so much about the novels and movies we were learning about, but about the world that I was about to venture out into. He never gave up on me, and pushed me to try my best in anything I did. He always treated his students with respect and always had time to help.

I was so honoured to have him as a teacher my last year of high school and was devastated when he was taken from us that summer. I try my best in anything I do now because of him and I like to think that he is proud of all the students that he had in that last year teaching and in his entire career.

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