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Thank you, Mr. Costello

Author: Gerard Lowe
Teacher's name: Jim Costello
Teacher's school: Roncalli Central High

I was very fortunate to have a teacher who was not only a great influence on my life, but who also became a lifelong friend. Mr. Costello, or “Mr. C” as he was known, came to teach Physical Education at Roncalli Central High School in Port Saunders in the late 70’s. Mr. C was an outgoing person who was very involved in athletics and I had a great interest in all sports. He coached nearly all of the teams in the school and I played on all of them. He travelled with his teams to all parts of the island and I got to have great personal and athletic experiences in places like St. John’s, St. Lawrence, and Glovertown, just to name a few.

Mr. C was always a great mentor and coach to me. Because of my interest in athletics, I was very interested in becoming a Physical Education teacher like Mr. C and eventually attended Memorial University (MUN). A few years after I graduated from high school, Mr. C left Port Saunders to pursue a Masters in Counselling degree from Memorial University. During that time we became great friends and he really encouraged me to complete my studies at MUN. He also provided a lot of personal guidance to me and got me interested in becoming a Guidance Counsellor. He finished his program at MUN and went on to become Guidance Counsellor at St. Augustine’s school in St. John’s. I eventually graduated and went on to teach Physical Education and other subjects on the Burin Peninsula and Corner Brook while raising my family.

We always stayed in touch and with Mr. C’s encouragement, and a great reference, I applied to and was accepted into the Masters in Counselling program at UNB. I graduated in 2006. For the last 6 years I have had the privilege of being Guidance Counsellor at Corner Brook Regional High. It is a job that I love and a great deal of the credit for my success goes to Mr. C.

This space allows for too few words to describe the amazing influence that Jim Costello has had on my life. He was not only a great teacher who pushed me to achieve more than I considered possible, but also became a great friend to this day.

The enclosed picture is from 1980 after our team won the regional basketball championship. Mr. C is on the left and I am holding the plaque.

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