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Thank you, Mr. Connors

Author: Katherine Brooks
Teacher's name: Mr. Keith Connors
Teacher's school: Holy Trinity High

No matter who you are or what you have going on in your life, everyone is treated with equal respect and consideration in Mr. Connors’ classroom. No matter if you are labelled a ‘good’ student or ‘bad’ influence, Mr. Connors gets to know all of his students each year to the extent that, even though he may have 5 full classes of students, he can and will have conversations about how you are doing in his class without needing to look up your most current assessment; how you are doing in your other classes (and will effectively help you in courses he doesn’t teach you, if you are struggling); things in your life outside of school that are important to you, among many other things, and he remembers each conversation because he truly understands the importance of knowing his students. Every person in Mr. Connors’ classroom is held to a high level of expectation, but because he truly believes each student can succeed, his pupils usually rise to the occasion.

I can think of many instances during my three years of high school, all of which I had Mr. Connors for one course or another, when Mr. Connors would demonstrate strict, yet always fair classroom management (for example, if someone came in late to class, he would distinctly look at and tap his watch, without calling out the student). Everyone is kept accountable for their work and actions.

Because of his deep level of respect for his students, Mr, Connors is also deeply respected by them. I cannot think of a single occasion when a fellow classmate complained about him because everything Mr. Connors does is very obviously purposeful and fair.

Mr. Connors has extensive tutorials before each test and final exam because he sincerely wants each student to do well. His commitment to his work and students is absolutely incredible and I can only hope to one day be as committed to my students as he unfailing is each year.

I could continue on with praise and good words, but there isn’t enough space on the web to explain fully how wonderful a teacher Mr. Connors truly is. He changes lives each and every day by the respect he shows his students and the expectations he holds them to. I am utterly grateful to have been a student of Mr. Connors and his teaching ways have influenced how I will know and respect my future students.

Thank you Mr. C!

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