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Thank you, Mr. Coffey

Author: D'Arcy Butler
Teacher's name: Ken Coffey
Teacher's school: Gonzaga High

It is difficult to choose just one teacher that was exceptional, since as a student at Gonzaga High School I had the privilege of being taught by some incredible teachers, yet every time I think of a teacher that I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude, Mr. Ken Coffey comes to mind each time. Anyone that went to Gonzaga will know who Ken is, and how incredible he was. He always had a lot of fun teaching and made learning science enjoyable.

But it wasn’t just the way he taught, but the way that he connected with the students and treated them with a little bit of respect, not fully adults, but no longer children. In my case particularly, I had Mr. Coffey in my first year at Gonzaga, which was also my first year in St. John’s, having moved there with my family from a small town on the West Coast of the island. He had a way of making everyone feel welcome and often had a kind word for a student just when they seemed to need it most.

Now, I can hardly mention Mr. Coffey without talking about his partner in crime, Mr. Tobin, who taught in the classroom next door. Friends from high school, at Gonzaga themselves no less, it was obvious that both loved what they did, and enjoyed each others company, not to mention entertaining the students.

As a current instructor with the College of the North Atlantic, I have modelled my teaching style on Mr. Coffey.

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