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Thank you, Mr. Batstone

Author: Kim Power
Teacher's name: Mr. Batstone
Teacher's school: St. Anne's Academy

I was extremely shy growing up and didn’t have much interest in school, but somehow I still managed to do well. During class I tended to drift off and I doodled constantly. My books were covered in sketches, caricatures, etc. I basically learned on my own by studying at night and taking in the material in my own way.

Being so quiet in class, I didn’t think Mr. Batstone even knew I existed. But one day, he stood by my desk when class had ended and said, “If you don’t do something in art when you leave school, I’ll be very disappointed.”

That one simple sentence stayed with me and made me realize that I had a gift that I shouldn’t ignore. I have worked in a creative field now for more than 27 years and I only hope that if Mr. Batstone reads this that it puts a smile on his face that his simple words of encouragement that day in 1983 were heard and greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mr. Batstone.

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