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Thank you, Mme Smith-Osmond

Author: Krystle Noble
Teacher's name: Mme. Smith-Osmond
Teacher's school: C. C. Loughlin Elementary

As I was teaching my nearly two-year old his alphabet the other day, I was reminded of a teacher who has a special place in my heart, but one whom I had never really told of the impact she had on my life. Mme. Smith-Osmond taught me third grade and at the time, I was not her biggest fan. I was in French Immersion, and though I had always done well, she seemed to continually push me to do better. This frustrated me to no end because I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t satisfied with my work.

I remember the couple weeks leading up to our school’s spelling bee and I had been chosen as a top contestant to participate. I knew I would do well, but that didn’t stop the nerves from coming. The night of the contest, my parents and grandmother were in attendance, and as I scanned the crowd, I saw Mme. Smith-Osmond sitting there and immediately felt reassured that I could do this. I didn’t win the spelling bee that day, but her face in the crowd has always stuck with me. When I look back now, I realize that she understood my potential and my capabilities so much more than I ever could. I hope to be able to bring joy and life into my future students as she did for me. Thank you for believing in me!

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