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Thank you, Mme Maloney

Author: Victoria Stone
Teacher's name: MaryJane Maloney
Teacher's school: Vanier Elementary

All of my life, there was only one person that I trusted to pry my loose teeth free with nothing but hand sanitizer and a kleenex.

Mme Maloney was my music teacher from grade 1 through 6 and I can safely say that without her influence throughout these pivotal years, I would not be the confident 19 year old writing this today.

Mme. Maloney put her heart and soul into educating every young person who walked into her music room, making sure that every voice was heard and that every student had their turn to shine, all the while making sure that we all succeeded as individuals. She made sure that we were all part of something bigger. The primary and elementary choirs brought together every student in the school while every year the grades 5 & 6s looked forward to their Chorale trip, where we could show off what we worked so tirelessly on all year. If it weren’t for Mme Maloney, I would not have the love for music and performing that has followed me through the years.

Not only was her music room a place of learning and growing, it was also the best place to hang out during rainy lunch times!

I could go on all day!

Thank you for everything Mme Maloney! Your dedication to your students will always be appreciated and never be forgotten!

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