Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Miss Petten

Author: Margaret Taylor
Teacher's name: Lois Petten
Teacher's school: All Hallows Elementary

Often times, a teacher come into your life for a special reason. I like to think that Lois Petten was meant to be part of my family’s life. Lois Petten is probably the single most important reason that my son is so successful today.

Our son Kyle was diagnosed with PDD-NOS. He was assigned to Miss Petten’s Grade 2 class. Miss Petten had been the IRT assigned to his class in Grade 1. Under her guidance he blossomed into a happy carefree child. She refused to give up on him and pushed him to his limit. She saw in him a light that she fed to keep it burning brighter. By the end of Grade 2 he was talking, reading, writing, and becoming more social.

Imagine our delight when he entered Grade 3 to see Miss Petten as his teacher. By the end of Grade 3, he was voted the class mayor … not too bad for a child who suffered from not having the social skills to make friends.

The two years she was his teacher gave him the confidence he needed to be successful. He graduated high school having completed advanced math, physics and chemistry. He completed a trade and today is working at a large construction site in Labrador.

I would like to thank her for giving a shy introverted boy the confidence to become a successful young man. Teachers like her are one in a million.

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