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Thank you, Miss McCarthy-Doyle

Author: Celeste Delaney-Loughrey
Teacher's name: Mary McCarthy-Doyle
Teacher's school: Corpus Christi High

When I attended Corpus Christi High back in the late 80’s, a new English teacher that wasn’t from the area came to our school. At the time, her name was Miss Mary McCarthy/now Mrs. Mary Doyle.

Miss McCarthy was a little strict (which we did really need) and heaven forbid if you didn’t have your homework done ( there was always someone who didn’t). One or two times that may have been me, but not too often, as let’s just say I was a little ‘in awe’ of Miss McCarthy back then.

When I have the pleasure of seeing Miss McCarthy/Mrs. Doyle (Mary) now, we’re all smiles and hugs—she is also a great supporter of my writings/blog which I attribute a lot of to her.

I’m sure Shakespeare was on the curriculum reading list, but Miss McCarthy taught it in a way that was both understandable and enjoyable for us. She actually (inadvertently to us) prepared us for University English; when I ran into her while taking my general studies in University, I told her just that. I’m so proud of the fact that I know of, and can quote Shakespeare to this day.

We read other great books too—one that specifically stays with me was ‘The Lure of The Labrador Wild’. I think I still even have it and plan to reread it one day.

I have taken College English courses since, but nothing can compare to the knowledgeable impact that Miss McCarthy bestowed upon our impressionable young minds back in high school.

Thank you, Miss McCarthy, who is now Mrs. (Mary) Doyle, for all you have done for me, and all your students through teaching. I am forever thankful and always appreciative~

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