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Thank you, Dr. Lane

Author: Tiffany Howell
Teacher's name: Dr. Ann Marie Lane
Teacher's school: Baccalieu Collegiate

Music—I guess it’s always been kinda my thing. As long as I remember, I have performed at local concerts, been in music lessons, and loved taking part in anything involved with music.

Unfortunately, in my grade ten and eleven years of high school, I wasn’t able to register for any accredited music courses. Coming from a small school, my choice of courses was expected to be limited. But at Baccalieu Collegiate, I was actually offered many extra curricular music groups that I certainly took advantage of.

My grade twelve year I was offered to take a music course for credit. Of course I signed up and was looking forward to it. I expected to have Ms. Smith which was also an excitement for me as I always bonded with people who have a love for music as well. But when the school year approached, I heard there was a new music teacher coming to Baccalieu. I had mixed emotions, as I loved having Ms. Smith as a teacher, but I was excited to meet someone new.

My first day of grade twelve started differently than any other year. I usually knew everyone. All the teachers who work there have been there for years and rarely would we get a new student. But myself and my friend Antoni were anxious to see who the new music teacher was. Our English teacher Mrs. Loder introduced us to Dr. Ann Marie Lane (sounds like an impressive title).

As time went on, I became closer with Dr. Lane. We talked about music festivals, how to improve in music, and she offered advice on many other things. Later, as if we didn’t have enough to talk about, I found out we both had a love for mathematics and cats (especially her cat Fluffy)!

Dr. Lane started up a jazz band, choir, and band groups in classes. She even modified our fiddling class to become a separate class so that the beginner students and the more advanced students could learn at a comfortable pace. Dr. Lane even organized a trip to Halifax for all music students.

Dr. Lane has influenced me throughout my grade twelve year and continues to do so to this day. We often contact each other and keep up-to-date on each other’s music status and general conversations. I’d like to thank Dr. Lane for all her extreme efforts in getting grants for the music program, encouraging students to pursue music, and being a great teacher and role model.

Thank you, Dr. Lane for always being there for me and encouraging me to be a better musician and individual. You are an inspiration to me and many other students.

Thank you, Dr. Lane.

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