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Sister Mary Jellybean

Author: Mike
Teacher's name: Sister Mary Jellybean
Teacher's school: St. Bernard's Primary

A Jellybean made the difference.

Childhood was traumatic. Growing up in a home impoverished and devastated by alcoholism and violence was not what any child should have to endure. School could be very difficult for a child who has not had food for breakfast or slept the night the night before because of violence in the home. Many times home assignments did not get done.

I don’t think you knew about that. You never mentioned it. However your actions in school were the medicine I needed at that time to survive.

I don’t think you understood the impact you had on my life at that time. How your warmth, kindness and caring and patience made school so much a place I wanted to go. Your ever present smile, the one that would melt an iceberg, removed or at least masked my pain.

Then there were the Jellybeans. From time to time, you would bring them into the classroom. What a treat. To all of us but especially to me.

I don’t recall your name but we nicknamed you Sister Mary Jellybean.

I hope you are still with us and if so and reading this, I want you to know how much joy and happiness you brought to me and to all your students.

Thank you for all your love and caring. You made such a difference.

I now have 4 adult children and I do have a teacher in the family. I have told all of them about you. They are all doing well. I did too.

To other teachers, thank you and never forget or underestimate that you have such a gift of an opportunity to make lives so much better.

Sister Mary Jellybean. God love you and all others like you and thanks for the Jellybeans. I will never forget that act of kindness!

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