Teachers change lives every day

Mr. Lannon, we thank you

Author: Joanne (Quinlan) Boyd
Teacher's name: Mr. Cyril Lannon
Teacher's school: Leo Burke Academy

When I was in high school and about to enter the credit system, I wanted to take all basic courses especially English because I though I was not smart enough to take any academic classes. But Mr. Lannon disagreed with me. He encourage me every step of the way, and I did it.

20+ years after high school and he is still in our (me and my husband’s) corner. When I decided to go back to school to do the practical nursing program to become a licensed practical nurse, I know he was quite proud of me when I contacted him for a reference. After that and to this day, when we see him out and about he wants to know how everything is with us, asks if I am enjoying my job, and ends the conversation with words of encouragement.

Mr. Lannon, for that, we thank you!!

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