Teachers change lives every day

Mr. Goulding, my music teacher

Author: Christina Gillingham
Teacher's name: Mr. Carl Goulding
Teacher's school: Mount Pearl Senior High

There have been so many caring and wonderful teachers in my life, but no teacher quite like my junior and senior high school music teacher, Carl Goulding.

Mr. Goulding was a driving force in my musical education and fostered in me my love of choral music and choral singing, so much so, I became a music teacher!

Mr. Goulding had an unbelievable vision to bring together hundreds of voices to make music meaningful with everyone in our school. He was so tuned into the “child.” He challenged me to be a better musician, but more importantly, he showed such respect for my thoughts, opinions and ideas.

Through junior and senior high, I grew to know that the driving force behind everything he did was to foster the love of music in young people and to instill service to the community, both at home and throughout the world.

Mr. Goulding’s teaching influence on my life has shaped me as a musician and teacher. I only hope that I can influence and encourage young musicians the way he encouraged me.

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