Teachers change lives every day

To John and Nancy Elkins

Author: Bonnie Hobbs
Teacher's name: John Elkins Nancy Elkins
Teacher's school: Pouch Cove Elementary

I would like to Thank Mr. and Mrs. Elkins for the contributions they have made to my path in life. Mrs. Nancy Elkins taught me grade 5 and 6 ( 1990’s) at Pouch Cove Elementary and Mr. John Elkins taught me several courses at Booth Memorial High as well was the coach of the girls basketball team(1999).

Both of course, are husband and wife and are truly amazing teachers. They are passionate, kind and caring and instill values and morals as teachers that are hard to find. I believe they put me on the path that I am today. I am a Memorial graduate from the school of social work and I am currently completing the masters program.

I am still not sure today if they truly realize what a difference they both have made in the lives of the students that they taught over the years!

Thanks so much for doing what you do!

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