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Thank you, Mrs. AuCoin

Author: Zachary LeShane
Teacher's name: Valda AuCoin
Teacher's school: Baccalieu Collegiate

It is said that a teacher can have a lasting impact on a child. This is certainly true of Mrs. Valda AuCoin. Not only was she my junior high science teacher, she will be a life long friend and mentor, and I am thankful she was in my life during my time at Baccalieu Collegiate.

As my junior high science teacher, I was blessed to have such a compassionate and loving teacher. Mrs. AuCoin always strove to make us feel welcome and at home while we were in her classes. From the “Herman the Worm” story to her love of the Montreal Canadiens, Mrs. AuCoin knew how to put a smile on our faces.

Mrs. AuCoin was not only an excellent teacher, but she was a great counsellor and friend. Whenever I would be going through a hard time or something just wasn’t right, I knew I could go to her and I would have an open ear ready to listen, and she would give advice that would help the situation.

When I entered senior high, I lost Mrs. AuCoin as a teacher, but knew that even though I wasn’t one of her students, her door would always be open to anything that I may need. I was lucky to have her for one final time in Level III. I returned to the same loving and caring atmosphere that I remembered from my junior high days. Herman the Worm was still on the bulletin board, the baby lotion on the desk, and the Habs helmet in the window.

So Mrs. AuCoin, thank you for all the memories over the 6 years I was a student at Baccalieu. You taught us from the heart and for that I will be forever grateful. You are truly one of a kind and I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to be taught and motivated by you.

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