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Thank you, Mr. Simms

Author: Keelee Pham
Teacher's name: Fred Simms
Teacher's school: Ascension Collegiate

Mr. Simms was more than just a teacher to me and MANY other students, and to this day I often find myself going to him whenever I need help … and he’s always there.

I’ve known Simms for about 4 years. I remember when I was in grade 9 and two of my sisters had him as an English teacher and he also coached their ball hockey team. I heard so much about him,  mostly funny things, about him picking on everyone but always great things as well.

The first time I met him, I recall him saying something along the lines of “Oh great. Another Pham, just what I needed”. Aside from all of the jokes and laughs, Simms is a phenomenal teacher, not only in the English department but just in everyday things. He taught me responsibilities, leadership and so many other life lessons. As a coach he pushed us to the best of our abilities; he was so confident in us even when at times we weren’t.

I know myself I am not a good ball hockey player at all, but Simms gave me the confidence and courage to try my best and to not give up. Not only speaking for myself but for numerous other students, it’s easy to say Simms is a great teacher, coach and friend. He definitely made my high school years some of the best years I’ve ever had! I never left his class without a smile, even when he made fun of me 12 times in that one class. So grateful to have had the opportunity to have him as a teacher and coach!

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