Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Mr. Chiasson

Author: Victoria Wadden
Teacher's name: Paul Chiasson
Teacher's school: Bishop's College

When I entered high school, I was addicted to drugs and battling with depression among other things. For the majority of grade 10, I had a substitute for my homeroom class, as well as English. He helped me with understanding myself and my own issues through the work he assigned to me. He also helped me with my creativity, and he taught me that I could rise above anything. He is one of the largest reasons I was able to become sober and stay sober.

When I was in grade 11, I got pregnant with my daughter whom I live very much. He along with other teachers in Bishops College helped me see that I could be a spectacular mom and that helped me keep such a positive mind which I have carried into my parenting everyday.

In grade 12 at my graduation ceremony, I was the only girl who did not have a father role to dance with during the father/daughter dance. He came and got me up to dance so I was not left out of a special moment. He changed my views on life, and changed my life. I could never be more thankful for this substitute teacher!

Mr. Chiasson, I know that you are continuing to do amazing things with every student you have, because that is the teacher you are!

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