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Thank you, Mr. Woolgar

Author: Yvette Hynes (Declan's mom)
Teacher's name: Mr. Gregory Woolgar
Teacher's school: St. Matthew's Elementary

Thank-you to my son’s Grade 5 teacher, Mr. Gregory Woolgar. Over this past year, he has instilled confidence in my child and has given him the tools needed for success. He goes above and beyond each day, engaging the children and their parents/guardians, keeping us up to date and informed through the use of social media.

Mr. Woolgar uses issues that are entertaining and appealing to the children to promote literacy. I have seen a significant improvement in my child’s reading and writing skills. My child recognizes this improvement; “Mom, remember when it used to take me an hour to do my homework and now I get it done in fifteen minutes, by myself. ” (June 10th/2016).

Thank-you, Mr.Woolgar.

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