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Mr. Vardy went above and beyond

Author: Alaina Scott (Chapman)
Teacher's name: Mr. Brian Vardy
Teacher's school: Bishop's College

Mr. Vardy was the sort of teacher who really cared. He always went above and beyond!

There are many things he’s passionate about… smart business, giving back to society and the harmonica just to name a few. Some Bishops students will remember his VW Beetle parked in the lobby during a food bank drive. This was just his type of motivation… he bet we couldn’t fill it with donations, so we filled the car and the lobby 🙂

Many hours of his own time were spent with us students on enterprise ventures, selling Turkeys or Christmas Trees to buy our school mascot costume!

He taught me to pursue my dreams and that I was the only person who could stand in my way.

Thanks for the encouragement and being a part of my life.

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